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The Anti-Terrorism Act gives U.S. citizens the right to pursue litigation against terrorists and their financial supporters in U.S. courts. Pursuing justice in these cases provides an important tool in the fight against international terrorism, often complementing political and law enforcement efforts. Most important, this pioneering area of litigation also seeks to give victims and their families compensation for their terrible losses.

The FHC firm uses several innovative approaches to hold accountable those entities that provide material support to terrorist organizations. These approaches include lobbying government officials, facilitating cross-border exchanges of information, connecting non-U.S. victims with legal resources, and, most important, organizing, financing, and pursuing U.S.-based litigation.

Our firm has an extensive network of contacts and resources that support its efforts in cases involving terrorism and terrorist financing. This network was deployed in Richard Fields’ past cases that include representing a group of former military officers bombed by Al Qaeda while training Saudi National Guard troops in Riyadh and representing British families that lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks.

Richard Fields was also instrumental in organizing and developing the Arab Bank litigation, the first case brought against an international bank under the Anti-Terrorism Act. Richard organized the participation of over 2,000 Israeli citizens injured in suicide bombings and other attacks carried out by Hamas in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. He also recruited multiple U.S. law firms to litigate the case, connected those firms with law firms in Israel and the United Kingdom, and facilitated access to evidence outside the U.S. After more than a decade of litigation, the case was finally brought to trial in 2014 in Brooklyn, N.Y. The 11-member jury unanimously found Arab Bank liable for financing terrorist activity, including funneling financial support to top Hamas leaders and the families of suicide bombers.

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