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Our Philosophy

We believe each and every legal opportunity is unique, and we partner with other law firms, experts, and consultants to source a team that reflects that outlook. Through an economic-driven approach, we bring together premier experts and innovators with differing perspectives and skills to solve each client’s unique problem—taking into account not only the legal context but also the business, political, and social context of the problem.

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What sets us apart

Complex problems are best solved by a collaborative effort of different perspectives and skill sets. Instead of restricting our team to one firm of lawyers, we use a collaborative model to field a world-class, multidisciplinary team to prosecute each unique case. We focus on alignment of interests and the balance of risk and reward to achieve great results.

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Pioneering Legal Innovation

Fields Han Cunniff takes the new realities of litigation into account. Our structure and practice address the concerns we heard from clients about quality, timing, unpredictability of costs, and practicality. 

Our commitment has always been to deliver multidisciplinary, cost-effective litigation to tackle the multifaceted, large-scale legal, societal, and economic problems that drive modern legal issues.

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Unmatched Experience in Case Law and Litigation

Our firm is made up of highly skilled, highly specialized lawyers who understand the nuances of your case. We use a collaborative model to field world-class, multidisciplinary litigators to prosecute each unique case. 

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Real Results, Real Impact

We not only bring together a bespoke team, but we also gather the best resources to define clear objectives and set a realistic timeline. 

So we don’t just resolve the problem—we do it with an extreme focus on achieving a specific economic result as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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