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Our firm is active in human rights litigation, sometimes called environmental, social, and governance (ESG) litigation. We support people all over the globe who have been victims of genocide, torture, human trafficking, discrimination, sexual violence, or other human rights violations. We do not shy away from challenging the largest corporations in the world and taking legal action to find justice for our clients.

Litigation turns the ideal of universal human rights into practice and provides a path for those whose rights have been violated. Our firm is committed to holding violators accountable, providing legal counsel to victims, and seeking justice through the legal process.

We work with world-class investigators, non-governmental organizations, international lawyers, litigation funders, and other law firms to assemble the best team to handle this type of very complex litigation that literally spans the globe.

A representative action of our human rights practice is the class-action lawsuit filed against Meta, Facebook’s parent company, on behalf of a class of Rohingya Muslims that alleges Facebook’s algorithms amplified hate speech and that the company neglected to remove inflammatory content despite repeated warnings that such posts could foment ethnic violence. That case is styled Jane Doe v. Meta Platforms, Inc., Case No 4:22-cv-00051-YGR (N.D. Cal.). FHC is co-counsel with the Edelson PC law firm in that case.

A few of our proudest wins:

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Providing representation to Rohingya communities in the U.S. against Facebook for its role in fueling the Rohingya Genocide.
Working with global human rights organizations to secure counsel for its personnel threatened by state security forces in Russia.