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Committed to excellence in every discipline

We bring together a diverse team of litigators with on-the-ground experience advocating for their clients across a variety of disciplines and specialty areas of legal expertise. Our firm is dedicated not only to winning individual cases but also to effecting change in the larger social, economic, and political context that requires parties to seek litigation services in the first place. 

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How We Support You

We win even the most complex cases with the best teammates and tools ready to assist.

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We select the case. 

At Fields Han Cunniff, integrity comes first. We only work on the cases we believe in with clients we trust.

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We select the team. 

We build a team of the best and brightest lawyers, consultants, experts, and investigators with proven records of success in their respective fields.

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We focus on economics.

We create the right financial structure to support your case so that together, we can manage risk and achieve the best possible outcome.

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We build the strategy. 

We believe that litigation is one tool to fight back against injustice at all levels: individuals, organizations, and governments. 

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We manage the team. 

Given our track record of more than tens of billions of dollars in settlement claims, we know how to build relationships with clients and pull in the experts needed to win the case. 

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We share risk with our clients. 

We work on contingency fees or alternative fee models, unless the case is a compelling pro bono matter. In doing so, we attract and retain the best talent to execute a winning strategy. 

Antitrust and Consumer Protection

Fields Han Cunniff represents a variety of public clients, including the Attorney General of the Cherokee Nation and other federally recognized indigenous tribes. These cases range from claims of antitrust price fixing to consumer fraud, deceptive trade practices, breach of contract, and other claims. Many of these cases have been developed by federal and state governments as a result of criminal and civil investigations.

We work to ensure that sovereign Indian nations and their citizens have a seat at the table and receive their fair share of damages when these cases are prosecuted in court.

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Battling the Opioid Crisis

In April 2017, the Cherokee Nation filed a lawsuit against McKesson Corporation, Cardinal Health, Inc., AmerisourceBergen, CVS Health, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc., and Walmart Stores, Inc. to hold the companies accountable for their failure to prevent the flow of illegally prescribed opioids into the Cherokee Nation.

Fields Han Cunniff, along with Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, is co-lead counsel in the case, coordinating experts and fighting to hold distributors and retailers accountable.

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Helms-Burton Act

At Fields Han Cunniff, we work tirelessly to recover the damages against corporations trafficking in assets stolen by the Cuban government during the 1960s. In concert with Berliner Corcoran & Rowe LLP, we have the largest Helms-Burton Act practice representing plaintiffs in the United States.

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Anti-Terrorism Act

Terrorism on a global scale is only possible because of financial backing and other material support from corporations and governments alike. Even today, funds continue to flow through the corporate world and international banking systems to terrorist organizations.  

But now, under the ATA, U.S. citizens have the right to pursue litigation against terrorists and their financial supporters in the U.S. courts. The Fields Han Cunniff firm has an extensive network of contacts and resources ready to assist in cases related to terrorism and terrorist financing.

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Human Rights

As lawyers, we see acts of service as the very essence of our profession. Because law affects nearly every aspect of our social and economic lives, we as litigators have a duty to help those who have been harmed to enforce the rule of law.

We've worked on high-profile cases on both a national and international level to aid the most marginalized and disenfranchised among us. Winning these types of cases gives us the motivation to continue the pursuit of justice.

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Environmental Protection

Many entities commit harmful acts that violate environmental protection laws. In response, we've joined hands with our clients to hold these parties responsible and send out a greater message about the magnitude and seriousness of these violations.

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Our Multidisciplinary Specialties

We're proud to provide clients with an extensive portfolio, including:

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States and Tribal Nations

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Helms-Burton Act

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Antitrust & Consumer Protection

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Environmental Advocacy

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Anti-Terrorism Act

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Human Rights

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